Sunday, November 17, 2013

AGREED: The State Is Unnecessary, But How Do You Eliminate It?

In a previous post, AGREED: The State Is Evil, But Is It Necessary?, I shared two video cartoons that clearly demonstrate that the State is not necessary.

Recently, I have been pushing for ending the State, especially in Facebook comments. As I was leaving church this morning I checked Facebook and someone had challenged me with the question, "How?" I mulled it over on my 40-minute drive home and here is my response for now, subject to change without notice. ;-)

My desire is to see all levels of government disappear--eventually. There are many layers of government but let me address a few. Think of them as domes or inverted bowls. If you live in a city or town then that is the first dome covering the city. The city is part of a county so that is a second dome that covers the first and includes additional area and maybe even more first level domes. Over the county is a state dome, and over that is a fourth dome, the national government.

The method I propose is death by a thousand cuts. There is an historical precedent for state nullification of Federal law. If enough states apply this frequently it will greatly weaken the national government. Then it is time for secession. You say, "But that didn't work." No, not the second time when the southern states seceded. It did, however, work the first time when the 13 original colonies seceded from Great Britain. In both cases the original country entered into war to try to stop it. That might happen again, depending on how strong the national government is at the time.

At each level you use the next lowest level to resist the one above. I won't go into the further steps here because we don't want to show our whole hand. We need the state to resist the national government before we turn our resistence on them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Do Deceived People Know They Are Deceived?

Of course not. A deceiver is one who tells as truth that which he knows to be a lie. One who is deceived believes as truth that which he does not know is a lie. We can't blame the deceived person (unless they are the gullible type who believe anything without ever trying to verify it).

We are all at one time or another deceived. Truth to tell we are probably all deceived about something right now. The honest man will change his mind when learns the truth. There are a number of areas about which I was formerly deceived. I will address some of these next week.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My church, Nineteen:Ten Church, just wrapped up a three night revival with a theme of "Light." In the near future I will shed a little light with a post titled "Are You Jonah?" and a series of posts on Christian idolatry. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

JUST IN: 2016 Presidential Election Results

Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton beats Republican nominee Chris Christie in a landslide.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Celebrate With a Free Copy of Nullification

by Tom Woods on November 2, 2013

It was 215 years ago this month that the Kentucky legislature approved the legendary Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, spelling out the Jeffersonian remedy of state nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. In honor of that, we’re giving away signed, personalized copies of my book Nullification to people who join in the coming days!

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