Monday, July 7, 2014

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

I recently read two great books. In the same way that the four gospel accounts of Jesus' life are similar but different, these two books cover a similar theme but each has a different perspective. I highly recommend both books.

1. A Farewell to Mars
We know Jesus the Savior, but have we met Jesus, Prince of Peace?
When did we accept vengeance as an acceptable part of the Christian life? How did violence and power seep into our understanding of faith and grace? For those troubled by this trend toward the sword, perhaps there is a better way.
What if the message of Jesus radically differs from the drumbeats of war we hear all around us? 
2. The Myth of a Christian Nation
 The Path through Politics Is Not the Road to God
When the kingdom of God is manifested, it will wear the face of Jesus Christ. And that, says author Gregory Boyd, has never been true of any earthly government or power. Through close examination of Scripture and lessons drawn from history, Dr. Boyd argues that evangelical Christians who align themselves too closely with political causes or declare that they want to bring America “back to God” are actually doing harm--both to the body of Christ and society in general. Boyd shows how Jesus taught us to seek a “power-under” kingdom, where greatness is measured by sacrifice and service. There are no sides or enemies because we are meant to embrace and accept everyone. In The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church, Dr. Boyd challenges readers to return to the true love of Calvary and the message of the cross--setting the “power-over” politics of worldly government aside.