Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spirititual Parenting

Man was not created to be independent. He was created to be dependent on God. God wanted to dote on His children.

Satan conned Eve—and through her, Adam—into believing that they could be independent. They took the bait not realizing that they were trading dependence on a loving God for enslavement to an evil taskmaster.

Human children are totally dependent on someone else at birth, usually loving parents. The parents are tasked with rearing them to maturity. But what represents maturity? Some would say that being a responsible, independent adult is the answer.

However, for Christian parents that is not the measure of success. Success it to train their children to transfer their dependence from the human parents to the Heavenly Father.

Some children are born to parents who can’t or won’t rear them. Most of these are reared by adoptive parents. Adoptive parents can fill this major gap in their lives.

In the family of God parenting is vitally important as well. When someone is born again they are like a little child. Ideally, the person whom God used to help birth them into the Kingdom of God should rear them as well. This process is called DISCIPLESHIP.

Sadly, there are many abandoned babies in the church. Adoptive parents are desperately needed. Will you volunteer?

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